Monday, July 19, 2010

some random things

First of all, the hair follicles on my head were shortened tonight, and I'm not exactly excited about it.  I'd been growing my hair out for almost a year and I was rather attached to it (physically and emotionally).  But the time had come to dice it all off, apparently.  Such is life.  (Life = paying people money to cut off your extremities.)

In other news, my readership for this blog (according to trusty Google Analytics) has been pretty steady lately, so I'm looking for ways to expand it, and to make it a better blog in general.  Any suggestions?  I have some ideas, but I'm always open to help.  That's a lie--I'm not always open to help.  But in this case I think I am, so try me.  More about this, perhaps, in a future post.

And, as a teaser of sorts, here are some things I'd like to talk about at some point in the near future:
  • Reviews, expectations, goals, and finding a voice for this blog (yes, all in one post)
  • BYU's MFA program
  • Creative Writing PhD programs
  • Taking a year off
  • Apple products
  • Harry Potter
. . . and a few others that are still in the works.  So look forward to that.

Thats all for now, folks.  Look for one of the aforementioned posts (or a completely different one), full-blown style, on the morrow.


  1. Those all look like good things to post about.

    Also: How are you liking Catching Fire so far?
    And of course, tell us more about what you're currently writing. =]

  2. Catching Fire was really good (I finished it a few days ago)--it surprised me in some ways, both good and bad. But overall I thought it was great. Perhaps not QUITE as good as The Hunger Games, but still a fantastic book. I think she's (Suzanne Collins) is doing some great things for YA writing right now. I'll try to get around to posting a review of it soon.

    An update on my writing is imminent--maybe even in the next hour or so if I can get around to it, if not than probably later tonight!

    Thanks for commenting!