Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Quick update:  I'm about to hop on a plane to Reno, NV for my first Worldcon, this year aptly titled Renovation.  I've been to a few conferences and conventions before, from BYU's Life, the Universe, and Everything and CONduit in Salt Lake City (both very fantasy-heavy) to AWP last year in Washington, D.C. (a literary/academic conference).  Most conferences I've been to have been worth it; while there are always a few aspects I dislike, overall they're very enjoyable, interesting, and educational experiences (with a few exceptions--I've been to one or two that really were not worth my time).

But Worldcon is the Ron Burgundy of fantasy conventions (its kind of a big deal), and I'm excited to see what its all about.  I'm really not sure what to expect, which is exciting.

I'll try posting updates periodically for the rest of the week on how things are going.  And, of course, if you're going to be there, look me up (or whatever)!  I'll probably be following/stalking people like George R.R. Martin, Patrick Rothfuss, N.K. Jemisin, and Brandon Sanderson around for the most part, and otherwise meeting people and generally having a good time.  So if you're there, let me know, and if not, I'll let you know how things go (easy on the rhyming)!

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