Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Brief Thoughts on The Wheel of Time

I've been reading the final book in The Wheel of Time series--A Memory of Light--on and off for the past day or so.  Two thoughts:  (1) I too often forget how slow of a reader I really am.  I'm only on page 200 or so, and I've been reading for at least a 5 hour chunk of time, total.  I don't know.  That seems slow to me, anyway.  (2) I forget how seriously epic this series really is.  Honestly, it's never been my favorite set of books--it's never even been my favorite set of fantasy books--but, wow.  As far as scope goes, and climactic battles between good and evil and all that, this one kind of takes the cake*.

Hopefully I'll finish the book in the next day or two--and I'm sure a review of the book/reflection on the series will follow shortly after that.

In the meantime, here are some interesting things.  An overview video of The Wheel of Time . . .

. . . a brief thingy on Robert Jordan . . .

. . . and some thoughts from Brandon Sanderson, who has been finishing the series since Mr. Jordan passed away in 2007 (the linked post was written about a year after he was asked to finish WoT).

So far, I'm enjoying the book.  But, well, more on that later :-).

*  I've heard good things about the Malazan series, particularly in relation to its epic-ness, but I'm only partway through that one at the moment so I'll refrain from further comment.

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