Thursday, April 02, 2015

Anyone know where I can get, like, medals, or whatever?

...because I want to give one to myself for writing over 66,000 words in the month of March.

Sixty-six. Thousand. Words.

Booyah. (Booya? Bewyaw? Berenchua [because phonetics]? Hmmm…)

So excuse me while I pat myself on the back for a minute, because that’s definitely a record for me. I mean, 66K is an entire novel in most genres. Especially YA. It’s like two novels in middle-grade! And yet here I am, writing fantasy, and 66K amounts to about 1/4 of my current WIP. Sometimes I wonder what on earth I have done by choosing to write fantasy…it certainly isn’t the most efficient way to make money writing.

But you know what? It damn well is the most fun. So SUCK IT everyone who writes everything boring!


* I may or may not have had two caffeinated sodas (after a period of relative abstinence) and a giant ice-cream covered lava cake in the past hour. That is totally to blame for my strange mood and not all those qualities that just make me strange inertly. INNATELY. Whatever.

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