Friday, February 03, 2017

#AuthorLifeMonth Day 3: Last 5-Star Read

A couple months ago I had the pleasure of reading Witchy Eye by D.J. Butler, and I was blown away. To be fair, Dave is a good friend, and he's already written some good books, but this one was truly impressive, and a 5-star read any way you look at it. Here's the blurb:
Sarah Calhoun is the fifteen-year-old daughter of the Elector Andrew Calhoun, one of Appalachee’s military heroes and one of the electors who gets to decide who will next ascend as the Emperor of the New World. None of that matters to Sarah. She has a natural talent for hexing and one bad eye, and all she wants is to be left alone—especially by outsiders.

But Sarah’s world gets turned on its head at the Nashville Tobacco Fair when a Yankee wizard-priest tries to kidnap her. Sarah fights back with the aid of a mysterious monk named Thalanes, who is one of the not-quite-human Firstborn, the Moundbuilders of the Ohio. It is Thalanes who reveals to Sarah a secret heritage she never dreamed could be hers.

Now on a desperate quest with Thalanes to claim this heritage, she is hunted by the Emperor’s bodyguard of elite dragoons, as well as by darker things—shapeshifting Mockers and undead Lazars, and behind them a power more sinister still. If Sarah cannot claim her heritage, it may mean the end to her, her family—and to the world where she is just beginning to find her place.
Sounds amazing, right? Also, I have the pleasure of being one of the cover quotes for the book:
"Captivating characters. Superb world-building. Awesome magic. Butler fuses fantasy and history effortlessly, creating a fascinating new American epic. Not to be missed!"
And I mean every word of it. I was particularly impressed with Dave's world building: he transforms historical America into an epic fantasy world where the mythology runs deep and magic runs deeper. I was delighted with the world, the mythos, and the ease with which Dave presents both (not to mention some really phenomenal character work).

There's only one problem (more for you than for me): I read an advanced copy of this book, and it still technically doesn't come out for about another month. But, seriously, mark March 7th on your calendars, and prepare for the release of Witchy Eye. It's an incredible read. Five stars, hands down. Go pre-order it now on Amazon!

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