Thursday, August 10, 2017

Gen Con 2017

I'll be attending Gen Con for the first time next week! For those of you unaware, Gen Con is actually a very cool board game convention, but has lately garnered a reputation for having a very strong writing track as well. I'm quite excited. They've been gracious in letting me participate in quite a few panels and other events, and I think it's going to be a lot of fun (and a lot of work for me, but it's work I'm excited and happy to do)!

Check out my schedule (no descriptions for the panels, yet, but the titles should give you a general idea of the content), and if you're attending, hit up one of these panels, come to my signing and/or reading, and come find me in general!

Thursday 17 August at 11:00 AM: "Real Monsters & Vicious Animals" (Capital I)

Thurs 17 Aug at 3:00 PM: Reading (Congress I)

Thurs 17 Aug at 5:00 PM: "Is it Tension? Or Just Torture?" (Chamber)

Friday 18 Aug at 11:00 AM: "How to Know When You Need an Agent" (Causus)

Fri 18 Aug at 12:00 PM: "Writing a First Draft" (Chamber)

Fri 18 Aug at 3:00 PM: Signing (Exhibit Hall)

Saturday 19 Aug at 10:00 AM: "Dark Fantasy" (Chamber)

Sat 19 Aug at 1:00 PM: "Turning Tropes Upside Down" (Cabinet)

Sat 19 Aug at 2:00 PM: "Making Magic New Again" (Capital I)

Sat 19 Aug at 5:00 PM: "Writing a Series" (Chamber)

Sunday 20 Aug at 10:00 AM: Read & Critique - Session C (Cabinet)

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