Monday, December 04, 2017

Here's a great track

So I recently came across the trailer for the first Dead Island video game. It' It's beautiful. Incredibly well-done. I've never played the franchise, but I remember not picking it up precisely because reviews were not great and it didn't turn out being a type of play style I particularly enjoy. But say what you will about the game...this trailer is objectively good, and in large part because of the soundtrack: a track called "Dead Island Trailer Theme" (what it lacks for in titular creativity it makes up for in quiet, emotional, escalating loops) by a composer named Giles Lamb. I've looked up some of his other stuff, and it's pretty good, but I have to say I love this track and I really enjoy this trailer. It's become a staple in my writing soundtrack. So I'm sharing it with you today. Enjoy!

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