Thursday, November 01, 2012

Guess what! I'm leaving the country!

And going to Puerto Rico!

That's right. I can't take the election rhetoric anymore, so I'm getting out of dodge. I've already decided who I'm voting for anyway, so it's all lost on me.

Ok, actually we're going to PR to hang with our friends Travis and Jaimee, and to watch them dance at the Caribbean Classic. Yeah, they're professional ballroom dancers. So that should be pretty cool.

In other news, I'm trying to use the Blogger app for the iPhone. It's okay so far, but pretty minimal. I can post pictures, as you can see, but haven't found a way to integrate links yet, as you may also be able to see. Not sure if there is one, which is disappointing. Im attempting to do it with regular old html; we'll see if it works. So if the whole post is full of incredibly unwieldy, aesthetically offensive, awkwardly parenthetical URLs, I'll just have to fix them in post (or as soon as I get a real web browser and/or wifi that doesn't cost money).

Anyway, be jealous because I'm going to tropical warm weather and it's going to be awesome.

[also, I know the pic is lame...I'm sure there will be much better ones to come]

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