Friday, November 09, 2012

Life in the PR

4 best friends (we're four best friends!*)


3 sunset pictures (a couple of which are kind of weird because I was testing out the panorama feature on my phone...)


2 ridiculously large starfish


1 million mosquito bites

[picture withheld...seriously, you want to see a picture of my mosquito bites?]


A freaking awesome trip to Puerto Rico with some pro ballroom dancers, their east coast parentals, snuba diving, kayaking in bioluminescence, oh and some great dancing.  So, yeah, it was cool.

*  "Stealing socks!" ...from the SNL digital short that I actually won't like to, you know, because of content...not the cleanest of sketches.  But I'm sure if you really wanted to find it, you could.

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