Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Cruise! (Part 1)

For those of you who may not know, my wife and I did a little pre-emptive 5-year anniversary trip a few weeks ago.  It was awesome.  Following are some pictures that prove said awesomeness.  Warning:  Lots of pictures follow.  Hence, this is a very [physically] long post.

We stopped off in NYC for a day-long layover and hung out with Rachel's sister and her husband.  Basically, we got our Empire State of Mind on.

 View from Empire State Building.

9.11 Memorial.

Our cruise!  On the Royal Carribbean ship Allure of the Seas (apparently the largest cruise ship in the world, or that's what they told us anyway).

First formal night.

I mean, lesbee honest...the only reason to tie your own bow tie is so you can wear it untied like this at the end of the night.

First stop:  Haiti.  Or Royal Carribbean's version of Haiti, anyway.  It was beautiful, but a little, er, commercialized.

Ziplining in Haiti.

 View from the top of the zipline.  That's our ship, way down/over there.


Cruise Ship.

I decided to actually use the panorama feature on my phone.  Wasn't too shabby.

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