Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Cruise! (Part 2)

More pics from super awesome cruise time...

Tons of shows on the ship, including the full broadway version of Chicago.

Next stop:  Jamaica.  We went on an excursion where we hiked up a waterfall, basically...

All had to hold hands in a line.  It was awesome.

We kissed once or twice.

Yah, seriously.  A waterfall.

And we ate DELICIOUS Jamaican jerk chicken and pork.

And a weird fried cornbread thing.

View from our cruise ship...

Second formal night!

Our beloved floor # 6.  And my very attractive wife.

Me looking rather dashing, if I do say so myself.

They had outdoor movies.  Seriously, this cruise ship was massive.

I'm pretty sure the #1 reason people go on cruises is to see the wildlife.

Tons of delicious places to eat on the ship, by the way.  I gained 10 lbs and I don't care who knows it.

Oh, there was another zipline.  This one was ON OUR BOAT.

Seriously, believe me when I tell you this ship was big...they had outdoor rock walls.  (And an ice skating rink, for that matter, not shown.)

Seriously.  Tons of places to eat.

Last stop:  Cozumel, Mexico.

So, yeah....basically it was a wonderful and amazing trip and we had boat loads of fun, pun completely intended.

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