Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Fun with banners

I've been experimenting with different content that I'll include in my eventual website, and came up with these! Each file is a banner for one of the five main books in the Chaos Queen Series. They're certainly not professional on any level, but I feel pretty good about them given the minimal time I put into them and my minimal experience doing this sort of thing.

Just to clarify: these are not nor shall they be the covers of the books; Titan Books will take care of that, and within the next year or so I'm sure I'll be happy to reveal the cover of Duskfall to you all! But, for now, I figured these might make for interesting content--or, if nothing else, a practice in very very rudimentary graphic design for yours truly.

As you may have noticed in each of the banners, the current plan is to release a book each year, starting with Duskfall in 2016. As of now I don't see any reason why that plan will not work, but I suppose many authors have made similar statements (famous last words...) and, well, some books just take longer than others, I suppose. But I am committed--I feel confident in my production ability, and I think the schedule is more than just do-able.

(Speaking of which, I'm closing in on the ending of Dark Immolation, book two in the Chaos Queen Series! So things are sort of ahead of schedule, there--although revisions historically are a more arduous process for me than writing a first draft, so time will tell, my friends...)

If you've been around the blog or any of my social media sites, you've certainly seen the first banner, but the others should be new to you. So check them out!



"Duskfall banner," is a derivative of "Foggy woods" by Freedom to share.

"Dark Immolation banner" is a derivative of this work on pixabay by Utoplec.

"Midnight Void banner," is a derivative of "Fractal Texture spiral Dark Web Abstract Nether" by TextureX-com, used under CC BY. "Midnight Void Banner" is licensed under CC BY by Christopher Husberg.

"Fear the Stars banner," is a derivative of "Crux (Southern Cross) from Hobart, Tasmania" by Edoddridge, used under CC BY"Fear the Stars banner" is licensed under CC BY by Christopher Husberg.

"Dawnrise banner" is a derivative of a photograph courtesy of Brad Husberg.

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