Thursday, March 12, 2015

Guess what, folks!


Let it henceforth be known that I, Christopher Husberg, shall have a novel, published and in bookstores and on Amazon and everything, in 2016!

I'm ecstatic to announce that Duskfall, book one of the Chaos Queen Series, will hit shelves roughly eighteen months from now, published by Titan Books, and I couldn't be happier about it...


...except for the fact that they're actually going to publish all five books in the series*, ZOMG YOU GUYS CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE IT?!?!

Chandler I'm so excited I may vomit photo tumblr_mb1q1zLaYv1r2xf1u.gif
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So, basically, this is PHENOMENAL news and everything is wonderful and life is full of roses and smooth baby bottoms no wait that's not right life is as smooth as a baby's bottom yes that's what I meant because a life full of baby bottoms would be weird anyway if a picture is worth a thousand words than a gif is worth a thousand pictures right so that's like a million words so here's a few million words worth of me being excited:

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Excited Baby is excited photo Excitedbabyisexcited.gif
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Whew. Okay, I think that's out of my system. Anyway, I'm excited, there will be a whole lot more news to come, everything is awesome (oh, I should have done THAT gif!), etc. etc., yay and such.

* A book a year, beginning next year! Yay! Except...wait...a book a year, that's 150-200k words per book, which means...maths are hard, wait, it means...


  1. Nice! You mean we have to wait a whole year? :D

    1. Thanks, Nate! Haha, yeah, I'm afraid so...although that's not entirely a bad thing, it gives me some time to write the other three books! ;-)