Thursday, June 10, 2010

Goals for the Summer

Here's what I'm planning on accomplishing this summer:

  -  Reading all the books assigned to me for my two workshop classes in the Fall (YA Novels and Nonfiction)--if you want to keep up on how my summer reading list is progressing, along with all of these goals for summer, check it out here.

  -  Finish "Sleep of Death" 1.0

  -  Write "Chronosingularity" 1.0

  -  Finish the first draft of my YA Novel in preparation the YA workshop class

  -  Finish the first drafts of two nonfiction pieces in preparation for the nonfiction class

  -  Finish The Rising 2.0 (the first round of revisions for it)

  -  Glance over my other main short stories, make revision notes on them, and start thinking about sending them in for publication

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