Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Headshots! Part Deux

Sometime last year I posted some potential headshots that I sent to my agent for agent-y things. Well, I finally went and got some real ones taken, and the results are looking might fine. Here's a sampling:

Because I like nature! And I'm outdoors-y! And I wear scarves & leather!
Because I can be mildly smoldering! Also, because I love castles!
Because castles! again, but because I can be down to earth and relatable, too!
Because I can be jolly! And did I mention castles?
Because I just straight up murdered a person and didn't quite finish cleaning their blood off the door behind me!
Because I can look vulnerable and sexy (because sexy is sitting on the filthy stairs of a fake castle these days)!
Anyway, I'm happy about these. Who knows, you may even see one of them in a book one day O.o.

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