Thursday, February 08, 2018

#AuthorLifeMonth Day 8 (kind of, I'm bouncing around a bit)

So I'm sort of going to kill two birds with one stone here because (a) I'm a bit behind and (b) they actually haven't changed much in the past year.

Day 5 was actually "Comp Covers," and I covered that funny story last year. Since then, each of my covers have been pretty phenomenal (seriously, I love love the Blood Requiem cover), and I'm quite happy about them.

Day 7 was "Writing Music," and that too hasn't changed much since I wrote about it last year. A couple new Audiomachine albums have been released, and they're still ruling my headphones during writing time. I've also been enjoying some music by Giles Lamb, one particular song I raved about at the end of last year.

And there you have it! I think tomorrow or soonish I'm going to post another not-so-AuthorLifeMonth related, and I'm actually looking forward to that; it's been pretty formative in my writing lately. 'Til then!

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