Friday, December 24, 2010

Graduate School

I've been scarce the last few months.  Okay, more than scarce.  I know.  I KNOW, I know, but listen--its because of GRADUATE SCHOOL.  Apparently the people who made up graduate school decided they actually wanted students to WORK while they were there.  Imagine that.  I don't know where the people who made up undergraduate school and the people who made up graduate school separated paths, but boy is there a HUGE difference now.*

Anyway, thats why I haven't been around lately.  Grad school stuff.  Awful of me, I know.  But here's some consolation:  I'm excited to write in this blog more often this semester.  My course load isn't nearly as frightening, and I'm committing.  Really.  The nonfiction course I took last semester turned out to be a pretty good thing, and while I'm still focusing on fiction, I might use this blog as my "creative nonfiction" outlet every once in a while.  So . . . expect greatness.

And, in the spirit of Christmas, here is some more consolation (in the form of youtube videos that talk about how awful graduate students are, as a race):

Enjoy, and its safe to say that you'll hear a lot more from me over the break.

*  Yeah, apparently a bunch of people just MADE UP the whole college/university thing.  True story.  I read it on the internet.  You'd be surprised at how much "serious" stuff we take for granted nowadays--that apparently matters--that was just made-up in the first place.