Tuesday, December 02, 2014

World Fantasy 2014

So this post is a bit late, I know, but I did a cool thing a month ago. I went to the World Fantasy Convention for the first time!

It was fantastic. I met up with Joshua Bilmes, the president of the agency that represents me, and he was great. He introduced me to about a thousand people and bought a giant chocolate capitol building. It was great fun, and really cool to meet so many authors, editors, agents, and fans. World Fantasy is about as close to a "professional" convention as we have in the SF/F community, and I was a bit worried that I'd go out there and sort of lurk in dark corners and not really talk to anyone. Fortunately, that was not the case. Also, pictures:

The bag o'books they gave us was massive.

And happened to include two books that I've been meaning to buy all summer...my excitement level was through the roof for these two.

The aforementioned chocolate capitol building. It was sort of uncomfortable smashing into the capitol building like that, but also: delicious. Jokes were made along the lines of "you haven't officially been to DC until you've attacked a capitol building." Myke Cole's reaction was a bit more patriotic: "Tastes like freedom."

Got a some brief sight-seeing in while I was there. I'd been to DC before, but it was good to walk along Penn. Ave.

More of the sight-seeing thing. Also, weird lips.

And of course I was able to get some writing in while I was there. This was my command center in the hotel lobby.
So I count my first World Fantasy as a success. I'll definitely be returning next year!

Otherwise, things are going well for me. I'm plugging away on Book 2 of the Chaos Queen series. And some good things are in the works, I think. I'll tell you all about them in the near future.