Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Worldcon 77!

I've spent the last few days roaming Northern Ireland waiting for Worldcon 77 to start. It's been cool. Evidence:

Tollymore Forest Park: an old-timey forest with loads of ruins and stuff. Very cool. Also apparently the filming location for many GoT scenes.

Ballygalley Castle Hotel. An old castle that has been converted into a hotel. Also, it's haunted, and I got to stay in one of the tower rooms RIGHT NEXT TO THE GHOST ROOM OMG. But, alas, I experienced no hauntings.

The North-east tower of Dunluce Castle. (Also, apparently, often the filming location for Winterfell in Got?)

Giant's Causeway. SO awesome. Finn McCool is cool, yo.

The Dark Hedges, aka the King's Road (apparently like all of GoT was filmed in Ireland...).

Had to pick me up one of these. If you don't know its significance, why do we even speak to one another?
Now, I'm headed south to Dublin for Worldcon! Friends, if you'll be there, let's hang out. My official schedule:


12:00 (Wicklow Hall - 1) - "Writing Robot & Non-Human Intelligences"

19:00 (Liffey Room - 1) - "Building an Intelligent World"


16:30 (Odeon 5) - "Riverdale and Sabrina: Small Town Gothic"


13:00 (Wicklow Hall - 1) - "Wands at the Ready! Magical Worldbuilding in SFF"

Unofficially, I'll be hanging out at various parties in the evenings and hanging out with other folks, all when I'm not making progress on Dawnrise.