How I Got Published

#HIGP is an ongoing blog series I'm working on in which I--surprise!--tell the story of how I got published. I'm doing this with something of a pay-it-forward philosophy, hoping that this information might be useful to some people out there. The writing process--and the road to publication--are both extremely individual, relative things, but learning about how they work for different people was always helpful to me. So, without further ado, check it!


Part 1: Paying it Forward (and an Intro to what I'm doing with this series)

Part 2: Desire (or: Getting Started)

Part 3: Commitment (or: Beginning a Novel)

Part 4: Consistency (or: Writing and Finishing a Novel)

Part 5: Patience

Part 6: Revision

Part 7: Alpha Readers, Beta Readers, and Writing Groups

Part 8: Education

Part 9: Expectations (or: A Ready, Not Finished, Manuscript)

Part 10: Exploration (or: Conferences and Conventions)

Part 11: Being Nice (or: Networking)

And more coming soon!

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