Monday, January 23, 2017

LTUE 2017 Schedule

I'm working on a post to update everyone about the goings-on of the last few months (and, specifically, the last few weeks), but I wanted to let everyone know about LTUE as soon as possible!

I'll be at the Life, the Universe, and Everything Symposium once again this year, and I have the privilege of participating in five panels! Check them out below, or the full LTUE 2017 schedule here.

Thursday 16 February at 9:00 AM - "Novel vs. Short Story" (Arches)
The novel vs. the short story. How can they benefit from each other? How are the skill-sets different? How do you know which to choose?

Thu 16 Feb at 11:00 AM - "Joining Plot and Character" (Zion)
Where do plot and character meet? Do you start with a character, or the plot?

Thu 16 Feb at 1:00 PM - "Writing Villains" (Canyon)
How do you make a believable villain? What are the clich├ęs you should avoid? Why is the villain important to the story?

Fri 17 Feb at 1:00 PM - "So You Want to Write Fantasy..." (Canyon)
Get tips for writing fantasy. How do you know if fantasy is for you? Tips for beginners.

Sat 18 Feb at 9:00 AM - "Writing Part-time vs. Full-time" (Arches)
The pros share how they keep motivated and productive when writing full-time vs. part-time.

I think LTUE is going to be a blast this year--who am I kidding, I love it every year! If you'll be there, come to one of my panels and say hello!