Thursday, June 23, 2016

What people are saying about DUSKFALL

Reviews for Duskfall are rolling in, and so far they're quite positive! I'm going to keep this page up and continue to update it as an index of all the good things people are saying about the novel. Without further ado...


"Christopher Husberg’s breathtaking debut fantasy novel Duskfall manages to be dark without being hopeless, savage without being ugly, and wise without being pedantic. This is a stunning debut, and bodes well for the four books to come in the series." - Dave Butler, author of The Kidnap Plot

"This is a dark epic and a gritty page-turner, with complex characters making hard decisions and wrestling with the past. It's a great fantasy debut and shouldn't be missed." - Martha Wells, author of The Edge of Worlds

"A delicious mix of Jason Bourne, dark fantasy, and horror. The kind of debut that has me thrilled for the future of fantasy." - Steve Diamond, author of Residue

"This is one of my favorite epic fantasy novels ever....Duskfall is a novel that moves, the characters are compelling, and the world is awesome and well-drawn. Seriously, you should read it right now." - Janci Patterson, author of Skipped and A Thousand Faces

"A fascinating mystery that slowly unfolds, and cultures and religions in conflict. Enjoy." - Melinda Snodgrass, author of The Edge of Reason

"One of the best books I've read this year....I love books that make me feel, make me care and inspire and challenge me to improve my own work. Duskfall? Yeah, it had all of that." - Erlebnisse

"Absorbing and unputdownable....A speeding horse of a good read." - The Book Bag

"Beyond what I could have hoped for....a must for any fantasy lover." - SFReader

"Wonderful characters that leap off the page..." - Crossroads Review

"With this book Husberg has crafted a really strong opening book in his Chaos Queen series, which in this bloggers humble opinion is sure to be one of the top new fantasy series over the coming years. And, for Duskfall itself, well it has to be ranked as one of the debut fantasy novels of the year." - The Tattooed Book Geek

"Husberg weaves real life issues within his fantasy world--trust, family ties, addiction, and racism are all incorporated into the pages of the novel....I was completely consumed by this story from the start." -
"Duskfall is an entertaining and strong debut novel that beckons fans of epic fantasy to explore its fascinating world and realistic characters. I have a feeling that it will strongly appeal to everyone who loves well-told fantasy stories. It will please those who have read epic fantasy, dark fantasy and grimdark fantasy. If you're looking for a new epic fantasy novel to read, please consider reading Duskfall, because it's excellent entertainment. Highly recommended!" - Rising Shadow
"[Duskfall] is a solid setup for a great new fantasy epic, perfect for fans of Daniel Abraham and Brandon Sanderson." - Library Journal

"What a debut!! Husberg has proven his talent with just one book and I feel like we will see much more of him in the future. I certainly can not wait to see what comes next. Utterly original, magical, and impossible to put down.Aggie's Books

"Absolutely blew me away! ... If you are looking for a novel with an amazing storyline and something that will suck you in and keep you entranced from beginning to end, you have to read this book!" - Bookaholic Banter

"I really enjoyed how...addiction was handled in Duskfall. Husberg did a good job showing both sides of the issue....a unique take on the typical epic fantasy....solid, entertaining, and left me eager to read the next book." - MySF Reviews

"Wonderful from the very first pages....I know I will be recommending it to everyone!" - impedimenta

"I liked the characters and how well their motivations tied in with their actions, but what I especially liked was how gently Chris unfolds the world he built.... At every turn it was clear there was more to learn, but I felt guided rather than blinded." - Read In, Breathe Out

"Husberg's prose is assured...and some of his tweaks—particularly his variation on vampires—indicate that the series may develop in intriguing ways." - Publisher's Weekly

"Once you get started you will be drawn in and the story will keep you interested from beginning to end. This is one super exciting book." - Vic's Media Room

"Duskfall is a fantastic book that is great for people who love fantasy, or for people who have not really tried fantasy before." - Abi's Book Reviews

"I'm happy to say I'm eagerly awaiting the next volume in the Chaos Queen Quintet. If this was Christopher Husberg's first effort, fantasy has a bright future indeed." - Adventures in Poor Taste

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