Thursday, December 14, 2017


I was scaling through my blog archive, and realized I forgot to post (and finish, for that matter) this! While I stopped keeping track of reviews a while ago (hence, I figure, my forgetting about this), I'll post this anyway, because some good people have said some good things about Dark Immolation, and I think that's pretty cool. :-D


"This is a series full of strong ideas, intriguing questions about morality, and solid writing--books I think will appeal to anyone who enjoys my epic fantasy." - Brandon Sanderson, author of the Mistborn series and the Stormlight Archive

"The second book...can make or break a series. In this case, Dark Immolation very clearly makes the series...Husberg keeps everything moving at a solid pace." - MySF Reviews

"Husberg flawlessly glides from the POV of one character to another. Knot and Astrid are as brilliant as ever....This is a series that I'm so glad I picked up." - Strupag

"Dark Immolation is one hell of a sequel, one of the most interesting I've read in a while." - Luke Tarzian Writes

"Dark fantasy of the highest order, telling an expansive story across a truly epic canvass." - Barnes & Noble

"Better than the first book (love when that happens) and I look forward to the next." - Books for Life

"An all-enveloping read that demonstrates why epic fantasy was created." - The Book Bag

"The characters are, in my opinion, the best thing about Dark Immolation (and Duskfall, the first book). It's great to see the relationships developing between the various characters, and although there are a lot of them, you never feel overwhelmed by the different points of view. There's some pretty great world-building in these books, with strong writing, well-developed characters, and a truly fascinating setting. I can't wait to read Blood Requiem, the third installment." - The Bookish Outsider

"5 out of 5." - Abi's Book Reviews

"If the fantastically written characters and intriguing plot wasn't enough to have you desperate to read this series, there's also plenty of countries looking for a fight, some not so friendly demons running loose, and more than a bit of magic flying around. The Chaos Queen series is magnificent." - The Bibliophile Chronicles

"Shit goes down in this book. Amazing shit. Crazy shit. Baffling shit. Jaw-dropping shit. Just a ton of epic and awesome shit. And I have a distinct feeling that Husberg is just getting started." - Erlebnisse

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