Monday, June 06, 2022

QR22 Day 6 - Severance


QR Day 6: the Apple TV series Severance. (This one includes a single very mild spoiler about two people who start a relationship on the show.)

Severance is delightful on so many levels. The central premise is simple (people getting “severed,” i.e. partitioning their brain between work life and home life) but with far-reaching consequences, and the show really digs into some fascinating (and sometimes frightening) possibilities. It’s incredibly well produced, from the creepy opening credits sequence to the cinematography to Ben Stiller showing a deft directorial hand. But, as is the case with most things I truly love, the characters run the show. The entire cast is phenomenal, but I’ll give particular props to John Turturro and Christopher Walken as Irving and Burt respectively. Irving and Burt’s relationship is lovely. And also gay. Severance is an incredible show, and you should totally watch it if Apple TV is something you have or are considering.

And, of course, here’s the ongoing master list for QR22.

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